Join the fun and participate in the zaniest race around



Mud Bay Kirkland Oktoberfest Wiener Dog Races

Marina Park, Kirkland, WA

Back by popular demand, the running of the Wiener dogs at Kirkland’s Oktoberfest! Over 40 dogs participate each year. Be a part of the fun in 2019!

Dachshunds race a course that’s just their size to be the First Place Wiener err– Winner!  All doxies welcome to go for the “gold”- no papers needed!
The number of qualifier races depend on how many wiener dogs are registered, so make sure your dog is in the running! No fee to race!  Donations to MEOW Cat Rescue will be greatly appreciated and there will be a donation box at the races.  Semi-final winners will compete in the grand finale race. Be sure to read Race Rules.
Whether you think your own wiener dog has what it takes to be a champion or you just want to see the sight of dozens of cute pups dashing for glory, the 7th Annual Kirkland Oktoberfest Wiener Dog Race is a playful event not to be missed!
Be sure to yell for your favorite dachshund when the race official sounds the “go” whistle! This is a timed competition on a grass track stretching 30 yards from start to finish. But don’t be surprised if more than a few dogs take time out along the way to socialize with fans and onlookers!

What you need to know:

September 22nd, 2019

1 PM

Marina Park, Kirkland, WA

The race course distance is 30 yards, on a grass surface.

Race Rules

  1. You will need two people, one to hold onto the dog at the start box and one to catch the dog at the finish line. If you do not have a second person let us know and we will call for volunteers from the audience, (but lack of familiarity with the end catcher may work against you!)

  2. People do not run with the dogs from one end to the other. The fun part is to see which dogs run and which visit with their dog buddies instead of running.

  3. We will run a number of qualifying heats, depending on the number of wiener dogs entered. Heats will have up to 6 max dogs at a time per judges discretion, and the number of quality heats will depend on the number of entrants. A semi-final race with the fastest dogs will be run to determine dogs to advance to the grand finale race.

  4. In the grand finale runoff, the dog that crosses the finish line first will win the title of Kirkland Oktoberfest Grand Champion. The winner includes a champion trophy and grand prize.

  5. We do ask that you do not toss your dogs to start the races as it is better for them and you as they do run a lot faster when their feet stay on the ground.

  6. No throwing balls or toys as the dogs have to run on their own, please.

  7. For their own safety, all dogs must be on leash until they are ready to run the race.

  8. Any dogs that jump the start whistle will be disqualified at the judges’ discretion.

  9. Race judges will have the final say on who wins, if finishes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd look too close to call.

  10. Costumes encouraged. There will be prizes for best costume as well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in the race.

Extra Information

How to train your dachshund to give them the competitive edge in running

Start slow using short distances with two people and if they run for a ball, steak, or squeaky toy then use positive reinforcement. If they come, then give them a treat. If they run faster than you expected, get happier and excited, rewarding with more treats, and so on. You will need to work your dog a few days so they get the game so they will run well. Even if you do not have time to train your dog please come join us at these races.