Please download and read the Volunteer Handbook.

Please download and read the Volunteer and Staff Emergency Plan.

Thank you!

Kirkland Oktoberfest is NEXT WEEKEND! Thank you for volunteering. This is a fantastic community festival and we couldn’t be doing this without you!

Attached are the Volunteer Guide and Safety Plan. Please take a look at them before next weekend for both your safety and for the overall event.  You will receive specific instructions about your shift once you’ve checked in and gotten to your designated spot.

ALL Volunteers are strongly encouraged to watch the following video prior to the weekend, whether you are pouring beer or not – but especially for those with a beer shift. alcohol serving permit is not required for short-term volunteers, but if you’d like to get a permit visit this link.

PLEASE plan to arrive 15 minutes before your shift. You’re encouraged to take Metro, Uber, carpool or bike if possible – if not, please be aware of parking time limits on the streets and lots! Here is a link to download the city parking map.  You can park at City Hall after 5:00 PM on Friday, and through the festival, but it may fill up.  

Volunteer Check-In is located at 80 Kirkland Avenue by the Slip Restaurant.  On arrival, you will be given your volunteer shirt and instructions on where to go. we hope you take advantage of free entry to the festival after your volunteer shift. If you are volunteering for multiple shifts, you will receive 10 additional tickets for each shift, but only one entry bracelet.

There may be an occasion where we need you to fill a different spot that you’ve been assigned. While rare, we really appreciate your flexibility on this in case we have a critical spot that is empty.

You are welcome to come back the day after your shift, or later that same day if you’re a morning volunteer. You must come back to the Volunteer Tent to check out BEFORE getting your tickets. If you’re volunteering on Sunday – you may pick up your tickets on Friday or Saturday at the Volunteer tent.

IMPORTANT:  Please do not wear your volunteer shirt or nametag while enjoying our refreshing beverages. You will receive your required bracelet when you return to the volunteer booth to be able to use your beer tickets - no exceptions!

Oktoberfest Costumes are encouraged! If not in costume, you will be required to wear your volunteer shirt at all times during your shift.

Most importantly – Have a GREAT time!