The Gordanairs European Music

Surrey, B.C.

Brothers, Gordon and Danny, have been playing music together for over 30 years. They started playing as a duo, Gordy on the accordion at the age of 15 and Danny on the drums at the age of 8. Their parents encouraged them to pursue their musical endeavours and played a huge role in finding places for the two boys to play their music. This little duo had to have a name so Mom and Dad came up with the Gordanairs which combined the boys two first names together (Gor – Dan).

Practicing nightly throughout the week and playing out on weekend was pretty much normal for these two young musicians. Playing at cabarets and restaurants on a regular basis led them to getting more well know throughout the surrounding areas.

With their popularity growing and the venues and engagements getting larger, Gordy and Danny decided it was a great opportunity to add members to the band. With the band having a more versatile sound, the Gordanairs have been regular performers at various Oktoberfests and Wine Festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. They are a favorite throughout the summer months in front of the gazebo in Leavenworth on the weekends.

The Gordanairs have become very well received not only for their European Musical style but also for their entertaining performances. Accompanied by their wives and families, they are able to entertain audiences with German traditions such as German Folk Dancing (Schuhplattling), songs played on the cowbells, alphorn performances and their always popular and unforgettable audience participation that has become a crowd favourite. All the entertainers wear German Authentic costumes and provide a delightful program that has been very well received by both young and old at all of their engagements.

The Gordanairs’ European Musical style and performances express their desire for keeping the German traditions alive. The band has released many recordings in the European Style, and will continue to entertain and make music for all to enjoy. We’re sure that you will agree that their music and entertaining style display the love they have for European music and the timeless traditions that make up the music they play.

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